Meggitt PVMY 440-1 – Pneumatically Actuated Pilot Valve

(With secondary lanyard enclosure)

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Key Features

  • Equips pit valves with pneumatic deadman
  • Dual closure – deadman or independent lanyard
  • Auto closure if air line ruptured
  • Available for PV1000/M3, PV2000/M3
  • Easy Retrofit to existing valves
  • Prevents `hot hydrants
  • Vehicles easily converted – minimal air usage
  • Tell-tale reset button indicates lanyard activated


The pneumatic valve is available as standard on new PV1000/M3 and PV2000/M3 pit
valves or as a simple retrofit to existing systems.
For retrofit simply replace existing latch block and lanyard assembly with the pneumatic
block, this can easily be carried out in situ.
The system utilises vehicle air reference pressure by the installation of a `T’ adaptor in the
line. Thus extending the deadman facility to close both pit valve and intake controller. In
addition, an independent lanyard releases a shuttle valve which isolates the vehicle air
supply to the pit valve whilst exhausting the air within the pilot valve. In the event of airline
rupture or separation which may occur in the event of a vehicle colliding with the coupler,
the valve will automatically close. Similarly, when the coupler is disconnected the pilot
valve is automatically closed preventing a valve being left in the OPEN condition.


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