WORKSHOPS: Sydney and Melbourne Airports 02 9547 1048

Fjord Aviation Products

C&L Sales and Services are distributors for Fjord Aviation Products

Specialising in Aviation Ground Fuelling Safety Products

Their Commitment:

To provide to the best of our ability “clean dry fuel to the aircraft” through our manufactured products and distributing network.

Some of their Products are:

  • Wing Mats
  • Spout Covers
  • Handle Guards
  • Dust Covers
  • Scuff Rings
  • Drain Proctector
  • Drain Seals
  • Diesel Spout Cover
  • Emergency Spill Kit
  • Hose Protecter Bands
  • Beather Cap
  • Jet Spout Adapter
  • Aviation Fueling Nozzle Sprouts
  • Lanyard Urethane Repair Kit


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