Low Pressure Coupling – FCMY107M5L – Meggitt Fuelling

Meggitt FCMY107M5L Low-Pressure Coupling (previously an Avery Hardoll branded product)

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MANUFACTURER: Meggitt Fuelling

Low Pressure Coupling – FCMY107M5L – Meggitt Fuelling

The FCMY107M5 & 108M5 Series Aviation Tank Units are designed for use in aviation refuelling systems with a maximum working pressure of 10.2 bar (150 psi), in conjunction with 2 1/2” bayonet type aviation hose units. 

The Mk5 version can be identified by its unplated adaptor, separate aluminium valve seating and one piece valve head. The suffix `L’ in the unit part number indicates that the unit is suitable for use where the coupling pressure does not exceed 5.5 bar (80 psi).

Units with the suffix `H’ have a pressure equalising valve to facilitate coupling on systems where the coupling pressure exceeds 5.5 bar (80 psi).

The FCMY122M2 sealing cap should be used to prevent the ingress of dirt or water. It seals by means of a dual O-ring spring-loaded plate.

The Mk2 version can be identified by the three integral lugs which have replaced the roller assemblies

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