Meggitt Air Set Inline Pressure Control Valves

Meggitt F370 Air Set Inline Pressure Control Valve

Available in three sizes;

  • F351 6.00 inch
  • F370 4.00 inch
  • F376 3.00 inch

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Meggitt Ground Fuelling products are supplied exclusively in Australasia by C&L Sales & Services P/L

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Key Features

  • Low-pressure drop – piston style valve produces the lowest pressure drop of any valve.
  • Surge control – where required the unique servo design provides closing speeds faster than valves closures on any aircraft.
  • Dead man control – fast, positive deadman shut off 
  • Close control and stability – pressure and flow control extremely stable with narrow band control
  • Air-set design – this Meggitt originated feature eliminates need for spring adjustments magnitude of air reference pressure determines fuel control pressure
  • Corrosion protection – All aluminium valves with ORES (corrosion resistant steel) trim to provide maximum corrosion resistance. Some sizes available in Ductliron with ORES servos
  • Copper free – no copper or copper alloy used in contact with fuel
  • Custom mounting – most valves available with choice of inlet and outlet in any combination of Victaulic or flanged connections, flange standard

Additional features

  • The Meggitt family of line mounted control valves for aircraft refueller and hydrant service applications are available in 3, 4 and 6-inch sizes. 
  • Special notes:
    For proper operation sense line must be 0.375-inch I.D. minimum inlet piping must be straight for 15-inches and of same I.D. as valve. Typical schematics illustrating the use of the line mounted control valves and other accessories are shown in the technical section These schematics are not necessarily complete systems but are intended for reference only. One of the fine features of the Meggitt control valve is its low opening pressure leading to a low-pressure loss. The curves shown illustrate these features. Refer to the back page for specific details on each valve type. Reverse flow is a standard design feature on this series of valves if defuelling is a requirement.
  • Valve types – air set and spring set demand regulators, venturi sensed bypass regulators, relief valves and other combinations available to suit your system
  • Accessories – additional pilots available to provide flow control, over pressure protection and electrical shut-off functions


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