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Hose End Pressure Refuelling Nozzle – F145 Series – Meggitt Fuelling


F145 Series Hose End Pressure Refuelling Coupling Nozzle

F145 Datasheet Underwing Nozzle – Meggitt – click here

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Meggitt Ground Fuelling products are supplied exclusively in Australasia by C&L Sales & Services P/L

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Meggitt Control Systems


MANUFACTURER: Meggitt Fuelling

Hose End Pressure Refuelling Nozzle – F145 Series – Meggitt Fuelling

Key Features

  • Designed and independently tested to SAE specification AS5877
  • Available with 3 or 6 slot connector, which mates to the standard 3-lug international aircraft adapter
  • Accepts all the same accessories as both the F116 and F117 nozzles
  • Nose seal is interchangeable with the F117 and F116 nozzles
  • Handles are interchangeable with the F117 nozzle
  • Easily rotating 2nd swivel built into the nozzle body, separate from the quick disconnect
  • No scheduled lubrication of the swivel. Swivel is lubricated by the product passing through the nozzle
  • Poppet does not require adjustment
  • The design of the F145 does not cause excessive wear to the aircraft units or bottom load equipment
  • Other handle options available


Additional features

  • Floating nose seal design, tolerant to temperature, worn adapters and abuse.
  • Dual 3/8” NPT ports available for sampling and vacuum breaker.
  • Positive interlock mechanism, internal to the nozzle body. The nozzle cannot be opened unless connected to an aircraft adapter and cannot be removed unless operating lever is in the closed position.
  • Operating lever fully protected by a sacrificial wear block. Replaceable by removing a single bolt. Operating lever knob made from a sacrificial material and easily replaced.
  • Optional sacrificial wear block, available for additional protection.
  • Hose end control valves available in 35 psi, 45 psi, 50 psi and 55 psi.
  • Easy to operate swivel dry disconnect available for strainer check.
  • Net weight of basic nozzle – 6.2 Pounds (2.81 KGS).

F145 Datasheet Underwing Nozzle – Meggitt – click here


Meggitt Control Systems

We are Exclusive Distributors for Meggitt Control Systems in Australasia, including Indonesia – Ground Fuelling.

Some Products covered are:

  • Aviation Adaptors
  • Bottom Loading
  • Control Valves
  • Hydrant Couplers
  • Hydrant Valves
  • Industrial Products
  • Meters
  • Pit boxes
  • Underwing Nozzles
  • Venturi
Meggitt Control Systems


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