Meggitt Environmental Pit Box GBMY 5050M2 Series

Meggitt Environmental Pit Box (previously an Avery Hardoll branded product)

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Meggitt Ground Fuelling products are supplied exclusively in Australasia by C&L Sales & Services P/L

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Key Features

  • Positive sealing for protection of the environment
  • Rugged steel construction for long service life
  • Large positively sealed catchment area
  • Absorbs large vertical and horizontal ground movement

Additional Features

  • Design easily customised for specific applications
  • Accepts all valves meeting IP & API recommendations
  • High-level seal for ease of maintenance
  • Lightweight aluminium lid with locking facility


With the protection of the environment in mind and with the cooperation of one of the major international oil companies, Meggitt has developed a truly environmentally friendly hydrant pit box. Designed specifically to prevent any fuel spillage in the pit from escaping and contaminating the surrounding area, the two piece construction of the pit provides a large welded inner catchment area with over 0.3 cubic metre capacity below the seal. The design allows for a very large ground movement, 25 mm (1-inch) vertically and 50 mm 2-inch) horizontally, without affecting valve operation and preventing stress or damage to the riser pipe.
A high-level positive seal fitted between the inner and outer sections of the box ensures that any fuel you see in the pit is the total spillage and not simply the residue of a larger spillage. The position of the seal allows ease of inspection and replacement with no requirement for special tools or hydrant depressurisation. The lightweight aluminium pit lid is designed to withstand the maximum load’s modern aircraft can apply while still being easily removed for operation. The lid employs a simple locking device to secure it to the box and can be retained using the optional strap for maximum security during pit usage.


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