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API Pressure Control Coupler – CCMY8500M3 – Meggitt Fuelling


Meggitt CCMY8500M3 hydrant pit coupler.

CCMY8500M3 series Datasheet 4-inch API Coupler – Meggitt – click here

Meggitt Ground Fuelling products are supplied exclusively in Australasia by C&L Sales & Services P/L

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Meggitt Control Systems


MANUFACTURER: Meggitt Fuelling

API Pressure Control Coupler – CCMY8500M3 – Meggitt Fuelling

Key Features

  • Meets all requirements of the EI and API 3rd Edition recommendations
  • The Meggitt (North Hollywood), Inc. Fuelling Product CCMY8500M3 Series EI 1584 3rd Edition Pit Coupler is a 4-inch unit designed for use with aviation kerosene and gasoline on airport hydrant systems and can be supplied with selectivity if required.
  • The coupler combines the Meggitt F251A 4-Inch API 3rd edition coupler with the CCMZ7300M3 pressure control elbow (not as pictured)
  • The coupler incorporates a manually operated poppet valve which is interlocked so that the valve cannot be opened if the coupler is not connected to an API Adapter. Conversely, the coupler cannot be disconnected when the poppet valve is in the open position
  • The fitting of the deadman pressure control valve allows a constant delivery pressure to be maintained at varying flow rates. The pressure control valve is of the direct pressure feedback type. The valve works on the balanced diaphragm principle where the valve senses downstream pressure. The fuel pressure on one side of a diaphragm is balanced by air pressure on the other side keeping the valve in the required position. Incorporated within the valve is an emergency “deadman” shut off feature which may be used to start and stop product flow.
Meggitt F239

Meggitt F239 Pictured Above

CCMY8500M3 series Datasheet 4-inch API Coupler – Meggitt – click here


Meggitt Control Systems

We are Exclusive Distributors for Meggitt Control Systems in Australasia, including Indonesia – Ground Fuelling.

Some Products covered are:

  • Aviation Adaptors
  • Bottom Loading
  • Control Valves
  • Hydrant Couplers
  • Hydrant Valves
  • Industrial Products
  • Meters
  • Pit boxes
  • Underwing Nozzles
  • Venturi
Meggitt Control Systems


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