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Separator Cartridge – SO-633VA5


Filter/Separator 2nd Stage Elements
Outside-to-Inside Separator Cartridge

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Parker Velcon Filters


Filter/Separator 2nd Stage Elements
Outside-to-Inside Separator Cartridge

Separator Cartridges are employed as the second stage in filter/separator vessels. Their sole function is to repel coalesced water drops produced by the first stage cartridges while allowing hydro-carbon fluids to pass through. Water drops settle
into the filter/ separator sump and are not carried downstream. All particle filtering is done by the first stage coalescer cartridge


  • Optimum 2nd stage water removal
  • Choice of Teflon® Coated Screen, Synthetic or Pleated Paper Media
  • Field proven performance
  • Largest selection of replacement elements.



Model Number:  SO-633VA5
Approx. Diameter in inches: 6
Approx. Length in inches: 33
Mounting End ID in inches: 3 1/2
Opposite End ID in inches: Blind
Flow Control (perforation): Variable
Media: Teflon Coated Screen (TCS)


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