Meggitt HU3000 Series Hose End Pressure Refuelling Coupling

HU3000 Series Hose End Pressure Refuelling Coupling (previously an Avery Hardoll branded product)

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Meggitt Ground Fuelling products are supplied exclusively in Australasia by C&L Sales & Services P/L

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Key Features

  • Choice of three different types of handle
  • Six slot engagement for easier coupling location overhead
  • Common flanges allow for full interchangeability of components
  • Option of selectivity and 90 deg elbow for 2 1/2-in hydrant systems
  • Nose seal replaceable without depressurizing
  • •Blockout feature for testing Surge controller
  • The design of the HU3000 does not cause excessive wear to the aircraft units or bottom load equipment

Long Proven Design Features



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