Pulse Output Device (POD) – Liquid Controls

Electronic Pulse Output for Positive Displacement Metering

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MANUFACTURER: Liquid Controls

Pulse Output Device (POD) – Liquid Controls

Design Features

The Liquid Controls Pulse Output Device (POD) converts the rotary motion of Liquid Controls Positive Displacement Flowmeters into electronic pulses that equal the volumetric measurements of the meter.

The POD mounts directly to the front cover of the meter in place of the standard registration. The electronic pulses generated by the POD are easily adapted to a wide variety of electronic monitoring devices and control equipment including the LectroCount® products and MultiLoad SMP.

Glandless Drive

No dynamic seals to fail and leak. All wetted parts are 316 Stainless Steel or equivalent. Meets Weights and Measures requirements. Weatherproof UL/CSA Type 4X and IP66 design. High Resolution, Square Wave, Single or Dual Channel Pulse Output.

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