Gammon Gauge – GTP-534-PB


Gammon Gauge in Aluminium or Stainless, with front or side button.

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MANUFACTURER: Gammon Technical

Gammon Gauge – GTP-534-PB

15 PSI Aluminium side button
30 PSI Aluminium side button
15 PSI Stainless side button
30 PSI Stainless side button
15 PSI Aluminium front button
30 PSI Aluminium front button
15 PSI Stainless front button
30 PSI Stainless front button

Additional information

Weight 1.200 kg

15 PSI Aluminium side button, 30 PSI Aluminium side button, 15 PSI Stainless side button, 30 PSI Stainless side button, 15 PSI Aluminium front button, 30 PSI Aluminium front button, 15 PSI Stainless front button, 30 PSI Stainless front button


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