Masterload III™ Electronic Register

Full Featured Electronic Register for Aviation Refuelling Equipment

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MASTERLOAD III™ is a dual microprocessor-based electronic meter register for class 1, div 1, zone 2 hazardous areas. Its primary functions include configuring the meter system to the properties of the metered liquid, interfacing with electronic components of the fuel system, and performing either wired or wireless custody transfer reporting functions.

MASTERLOAD III™ is FlightConnect® ready to transform aviation fueling operations from manual paper driven operations to an automated, wireless, data driving enterprise with over 20 reportable fueling data points delivered automatically to back office accounting and control software.


  • Increased accuracy with multi-point calibration
  • Easy to operate
  • Secure, protected data
  • Runs FlightConnect®: Wireless dispatch and data management
  • Proven high durability in harsh conditions

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