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Hose Clip Hose Clamps – Various – STM Australia


Model: YS295012

Hose Clamps made from zinc plated mild steel. Stainless steel also available

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STM Australia



Hose Clip Hose Clamps – STM Australia


  • Model: YS295012
  • Hose Clamps made from zinc plated mild steel
  • Stainless steel also available


Available Models:

YS295012 – 9.5-12mm Hose Clip Hose Clamp
YS295016 – 11-16mm Hose Clip Hose Clamp
YS295020 – 13-20mm Hose Clip Hose Clamp
YS295022 – 16-22mm Hose Clip Hose Clamp
YS295025 – 18-25mm Hose Clip Hose Clamp
YS295030 – 22-30mm Hose Clip Hose Clamp
YS295035 – 25-35mm Hose Clip Hose Clamp
YS295040 – 30-40mm Hose Clip Hose Clamp
YS295050 – 35-50mm Hose Clip Hose Clamp
YS295055 – 40-55mm Hose Clip Hose Clamp
YS295060 – 45-60mm Hose Clip Hose Clamp
YS295070 – 55-70mm Hose Clip Hose Clamp


STM Australia

C&L are Distributors for STM Australia.

Leaders in Fluid Transfer Solutions For over 65 years, STM Australia has been an industry leader in lubrication and fuel transfer equipment. They supply quality equipment that is designed to stand up to the rigorous demands of the automotive, industrial, oil, fuel and agricultural industries. They have come a long way since 1952 but STM is still a 100% Australian owned company, and they manufacture a wide range of our products locally. STM Australia’s head office and manufacturing department are located in Melbourne.
STM Australia


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