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MicrobMonitor2 was developed originally for use in the aviation industry for testing jet fuel and is recommended by IATA and listed in the Aircraft Maintenance Manuals of Boeing, Airbus and other major aircraft OEMs.

Major airlines have been using the test for many years.

MicrobMonitor2 has been independently validated in an inter-laboratory study conducted for the Energy Institute and enables testing in accordance with IP Standard Method IP 613 Determination of the viable aerobic microbial content of fuels and associated water – Thixotropic Gel Culture Method. The test also gives results comparable with laboratory standard test methods IP 385 and ASTM 6974-03 .
The test is used by the military and is a codified NATO stock item (Stock No. 6640-99-834-3573)

  • Works with any petroleum product and associated water
  • Approved by major OEMs and oil companies and adopted widely
  • Quick and easy to use, more economic than laboratory tests
  • Uses the reliable and trusted colony forming unit (CFU) technology
  • No specialist skills or equipment required
  • Results are comparable with IP 385 and ASTM D-6974-03
  • Detects low level contamination for an early warning of potential problems
  • Indicates the severity of an infection not just the presence of microbes as with “go, no-go” tests
  • Unaffected by biocides, DIEGME or additives so can validate the efficacy of the treatment
  • Only detects live microbes and mould spores, other tests give positive results for hours or even days after microbes have been killed by a biocide treatment
  • Oil and water phases can be tested
  • Detects active Hormoconis resinae and other moulds, yeasts and bacteria
  • Detects mould spores which some other tests cannot

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