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SC500 Digital Flow Rate Totaliser – Flomec Instruments


This is a switch-programmable multi-stage counter/divider with multiple inputs that provides selectable K-factor to convert input frequency to scaled pulse output. Connects via a 20 foot input cable.

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Flomec Industries


MANUFACTURER: Flomec Instruments

SC500 Digital Flow Rate Totaliser –  JSG Industrial Systems

The Flomec SC500 creates a scaled pulse output, that can accept reed switch, Hall-Effect, Open collector or low level sine wave. It Is a switch-programmable multi-stage counter / dvidier with multiple inputs. The module provides selectable k-factor to convert input frequency to scaled pulse output. The SC500 connects via a 6m input cable.

SC500 Digital Flow Rate Totaliser Features and Benefits:

  • Acetal housing
  • Scaled outputs
  • Accepts Reed/ hall-effect, NPN, Open collector or Sine Wave


Description Available
Instantaneous Flow Rate: NO DISPLAY
Reset & Accumulative totals: NO DISPLAY
Engineering Units Displayed: NO DISPLAY
Input types: Reed switch (close contact) & NPN, Open Collector, Hall-Effect or Sine Wave
Operating Temperature: – 18⁰C ~ +60⁰C (-0⁰F ~ +140⁰F)
Power sources: Loop powered 5 ~ 30 VDC
Enclosures: Acetal/Amorphous Nylon, PET Polyester, Polyester (decals), Viton O-Ring seals, Stainless steel fasteners and PVC cable jacket
Mounting: Meter & stem mount, wall, pipe or panel mount (panel mount seal kit required when separating front and rear housing for mounting)

Overview of Flomec

Flomec electronics are available with a variety of features. Choosing the best combination of meter and electronics is easy using the Flomec system. Alternatively these instruments will suit any flow meter that provides wither a reed switch or NPN hall-effect output from the flow meter.

Depending on the instrument choice and selection the operator can then have a range of options in their system to be able to provide 4-20mA outputs, scaled pulse output, pulse output. R2-232 or 485 connections, BTU calculations with options in Intrinsically Safe (I.S) or Exd (Explosion Proof).

We can also supply batch controller options in single or two stage outputs that can easily be integrated into the operators system without too much complication. Provisions are made for some units to be able to handle AC & DC voltages supplies, with a range of mounting options. Notably the F127 that can provide details for fuel consumption readings [ see more in FCS systems]. Speak to your JSG distributor or JSG sales rep for more information.



Flomec Industries

Trimec Industries Pty Ltd began manufacturing a range of positive displacement meters in 1987, setting a new standard for quality and reliability, always incorporating new technologies at competitive pricing.
Flomec Industries


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