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GPI Scaled Pulse Meters – GPI Flowmeters


Commercial Grade Meters are designed as self-contained, battery powered units. These indicating meters come in Aluminium or Nylon only and are not field serviceable. For flowmeters with further advanced features, refer to the G Series, G2 Series, GM Series or TM Series.

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Flomec IndustriesGPI Flowmeters



GPI Scaled Pulse Meters –  JSG Industrial Systems

The Flomec 02 Series is a lightweight, accurate and reliable turbine meter. Choose the 02 Series for thin viscosity fluid applications.

  • Available in Aluminum or Nylon
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • For fluids under 100 Centipoise
  • Offers one pulse per unit (gallons and litres)

GPI Scaled Pulse Meters Features:

  • Complete meter, including turbine assembly, microprocessor and LCD readout
  • Two Totals: Batch (Resettable to measure flow during a single use) and Cumulative (Non-resettable, to provide continuous measurement)
  • Remote monitor option to connect to an external system (NPN Open Collector Pulse)
  • Lightweight, compact design allows for easy installation
  • Display powered by two AAA alkaline batteries that are easy to replace, with the meter installed
Fitting Size / Fitting Type: 1 inch / BSPT (Female)
1 inch / NPT (Female)
1 inch / BSPP (Female)
Flowrate: 3 – 30 GPM / 1 – 113 LPM
Accuracy (% of Reading): ± 5.0%
Pressure Rating: 150 PSIG / 10.3 BAR
Operating Temperature Range: +14° F to +130° F (-10° C to +55° C)
Pulse Out Description: Open Collector (a.k.a. NPN or Current Sinking
Pulse Duration: 250 msec
Pulse Amplitude: 5 to 30 VDC
Scaling: One pulse per Gallon or Litre
Cable Length: 5 ft. / 1.5 meters
Wetted Materials (Aluminum): Housing: Aluminum
Bearings: Ceramic
Shaft: Tungsten Carbide
Rotor: Nylon
Rings: 316 Stainless Steel
Signal Generator: Ferrite
Wetted Materials (Nylon): Housing: Nylon
Bearings: Ceramic
Shaft: Tungsten Carbide
Rotor: Nylon
Rings: 316 Stainless Steel
Signal Generator: Ferrite


PRODUCT IDENTIFIER 02 = Electronic Digital Flowmeter
N = Nylon
FITTING TYPE 12 = 1 inch BSPT (Female)
31 = 1 inch NPT (Female)
52 = 1 inch BSPP (Female)
X = No Turbine
CALIBRATION GM = Gallons / Minute
LM = Litres / Minute
XX = No Computer
Product Code Description
52-113355-01 GPI 1″ 02A12LM (SCALED) AL.BDY BSPT, MTR
52-113355-02 GPI 1″ 02N31GM (SCALED) NYL 1″ NPT, MTR
52-113355-03 GPI 1″ 02N31LM (SCALED) NYL 1″ NPT, MTR
52-113355-04 GPI 1″ 02N12LM (SCALED) NYL 1″ BSPT, MTR
52-113355-05 GPI 1″ 02A31GM (SCALED) AL.BDY 1″ NPT, M
52-113355-06 GPI 1″ 02A31LM (SCALED) AL.BDY 1″ NPT, M
52-113355-07 GPI 1″ 02A52LM (SCALED) AL.BDY 1″ BSPP


Flomec Industries

Trimec Industries Pty Ltd began manufacturing a range of positive displacement meters in 1987, setting a new standard for quality and reliability, always incorporating new technologies at competitive pricing.
Flomec Industries

GPI Flowmeters

Established in 1972, GPI are a leading designer & manufacturer of digital fuel meters, industrial turbine meters & oval gear meters currently accredited with ISO 9001:2008 quality certification.
GPI Flowmeters


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